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Twilight's Embrace - Penance

Twilight's Embrace - Penance

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Bart M. : Twilight's Embrace's next achievement is 'Penance', an EP that is a more than worthy successor of their 2014 debut album 'By Darkness Undone'. 'Penance' brings us four new tracks and each of them draws us into melancholic and enchanting soundscapes where we can clearly hear the doom genre surface, with hypnotizing, repeating riffs, vocals that go from black metal-ish screams to death metal-ish grunts, and all of this is surrounded by a mourning atmosphere that is summoned by the soul piercing guitar sound. A dark and tragic ambience is the result and it's something every doom-lover will be over the moon with - although, to be honest, that expression sounds far too happy for what we're dealing with.

A very pleasant surprise is the cover of Paradise Lost's 'It's Too Late'. Surprise because of the choice of song (it comes from the album 'Host' which is not appreciated by everyone because of its experimental sound), but also because of the performance. The original has a minimum of instruments and sound and Twilight's Embrace has turned it into a deafening song, beginning with clean vocals that quickly change to heart-rending death grunts that manage to captivate perfectly the saddening and tragic lyrics. I think if Paradise Lost were to release this song now it would sound pretty much like the version on this album. To accomplish a feat like that I think you need to be greatly skilled at what you're doing and this band shows this skill on all of the four songs.

According to Twilight's Embrace, one of the reasons for releasing this EP was to let everyone know they're still alive, and they succeed at this marvelously. If you thought 2018 was going to bring us an early spring, you'd better think again, because 'Penance' will keep the next couple of days cold and dreary.

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