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Thuum - Through Smoke, Comes Fire

Thuum - Through Smoke, Comes Fire

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : After having gathered quite a bit of experience playing live shows (supporting, among others, Crowbar and Orange Goblin), the time has come for Thuum to release their first record, and EP 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire' is the result.

The band starts out with an instrumental intro that slowly builds up with chanting, a few notes of guitar and the occasional rolling cymbals. I imagine the first two minutes of this song are used by the band to, covered in smoke and purple and green lights, take their position on the stage and then slowly letting their actual instruments take over. After a while the notes get lower and darker until we hear a nice, dragging sludge rhythm. The next song, 'Worthless', which by the way you can listen to on the band's website, starts off quite a bit louder, and singer Bear lets out a roar like a caveman who is having a dry spell. All in all, this song sounds more like an angry mass of sound than an actual, resourceful song, except where the mass is broken or accompanied by solo guitarwork or a down-tuned doom riff. Up next is 'Hafgufa', which is at once quite a bit more interesting because, even though it lasts only half the amount of time that 'Worthless' lasts, it has more hooks and different riffs. Of course, more is definitely not always better, but in this case it makes sure you keep listening with interest and makes you curious as to what will happen next. There is also clean(er) singing from Bear and I realize that is what I felt was missing in the previous song. To break the monotony he should do this more often and fortunately he does do that in fourth and last song 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire', a song that perfectly showcases all Thuum's qualities and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Fun fact: if you, like me, thought Hafgufa is some kind of scurvy abbreviation like SNAFU, you are wrong. We are, of course, dealing with a terrible sea monster. Even though this album does not add quite a lot to what already exists, and even though there are certainly some points on which the music can be improved (even though the vocals are not bad I think there is a lot more that can be done there), the music is well put together and this is definitely not a bad debut album.

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