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Sebastien - Act Of Creation

Sebastien - Act Of Creation

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Sebastien is a band I have been following since the fantastic album ‘Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu’, and I was glad last year upon hearing the boys were busy on new stuff. Two and a half years after the release of ‘Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu’, that new material arrived in my digital letterbox. The disk carries the name ‘Act Of Creation’ and was not produced and mastered by Roland Grapow this time, but by the band itself. So far the theory, let’s listen!

It took me a while to get used to the music here. ‘Act Of Creation’ turns out to be a total different album than its predecessor. The opening title track starts very heavy for Sebastien standards, but later develops into a fine mix of older Sebastien elements and Symphony-X influences. Singer George Rain does not hesitate in showcasing his warm voice. ‘No Destination’ starts disco-like no less, while ‘Wake Up’ could have been a Circle II Circle song. ‘Act Of Creation’ is a more sensitive album than ‘Dark Chambers’ and songs like ‘Amy’ and ‘Queen Of The Stars’ are a bit too juicy to my taste. Fortunately, ‘Die In Me’, which is partly sung by Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Firewind), and the afore mentioned title track balance these tear-invokers out. Typical for the music of Sebastien on this album is the grandness, a lot of choirs can be found and the synths are majestic. In spite of this, much of the music is very digestible like in ‘Winner’ (with guest vocals by Mayo Petranin of Signum Regis), that has a poppy vibe, and in the many ballads and acoustics this album features. That makes the album versatile, though very light sounding. This is the main reason that this album scores quite a bit lower than its genius predecessor. A good album with a few amazing songs, but with just too much serenity and pop melodies to be a real convincer.

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