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Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

Label : Apostasy Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Those who already followed the rise of melodic death metal (Gothenburg sound) in the nineties, will surely remember Night In Gales. Indeed, they are hailing from Germany, but on debut album ‘Towards The Twilight’ (1997) and successor ‘Thunderbeast’ (1998) we thought being in Gothenburg. The graceful guitar skills of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames at that time, the raspy, scream-like shouts of At The Gates… you could find it all on these albums. Next the band went into a more experimental direction on ‘Nailwork’ and ‘Necrodynamic’, followed by silence. This silence was broken in 2011 by the release of the excellent ’Five Scars’ which surprised us with any doom laden influences and slower songs.

Now seven years have gone by once more, but Night In Gales makes a comeback with the sixth album ‘The Last Sunsets’. We learn that the guitar tandem Frank and Jens Basten still rules. Ten compact songs (and two short interludes) long they manage to engross us with Scandinavian energy. The biggest change we have to mention happen to be the vocals. In 2012 Björn Goosses decided to leave the band to concentrate on The Very End. Now he is replaced by the singer of the early days (1995-96) Christian Müller, but it is not a real change: he also fills the record with somewhat desperate, hysterical death metal growls. Even with a –core edge. Music-wise ‘The Last Sunsets’ is more homogeneous than predecessor ‘Five Scars’, that’s why the songs haunt you a bit lesser. The pace is higher, that might please some old school aficionados, but in despite of the melodic, excellent guitar skills, ‘Five Scars’ remains our favourite. Tips to listen to: ‘The Mortal Soul’ (with guest vocals of Mark Grewe) and the tight mid-paced ‘In Pain, In Silence’. There are also guest vocals of Christian Mertens (Dark Millennium) and Martin Matzak (ex-Torchure) on this album. It is regaled with a splendid production of Dan Swanö and will hit the market with artwork of Costin Chioreanu. Thus, they left nothing to chance and this German solidness results in extra kudos.

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