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Funerary Bell - Undead Revelations

Funerary Bell - Undead Revelations

Label : Saturnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Quite funny to see that the torches the bandmembers of Funerary Bell are holding in their hands on their band picture are made of square pinewood beams probably bought at the hardware store, whereas the Finnish forests contain so much excellent wood to make trve-looking black metal torches. I had to smile after seeing this picture. I’d say a missed chance for sure!

Funerary Bell from Finland present ‘Undead Revelations’, their second full length album which will be released worldwide by Saturnal Records on February 23. The band was formed about ten years ago and released three EP’s and one full length album entitled ‘The Coven’ in 2011, an album which received quite positive critics I believe. To me, ‘Undead Revelations’ is the first introduction to Funerary Bell and I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about this album. The Finns play a kind of occult black heavy metal of death with a nice old school vibe. At times the music really grabs your attention, and at other moments the compositions on this record are merely mediocre. The band tries hard to pull off a dark horror and occult atmosphere, but because the songwriting is mostly not more than of average quality they don’t succeed to keep my attention all the way through. The band uses relatively simple riffs and decorates them with some nice leads. The drumming is pretty straightforward, mid-paced to fast, and the raging bass guitar gets a prominent role in the raw sound of Funerary Bell. The vocals of Invoker of the Shadows are an acquired taste, especially in the opening song ‘Come Undone’ where he sings with a quirky clean voice, but luckily he switches to a more raw vocal style from the second song ‘Goat of Mendes’ on.

If you’d ask me I’d say this atmospheric old school heavy black metal of Funeray Bell is too average to stand out from other occult metal releases and I think this release is doomed to dwell in oblivion in the long term.

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