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Spartan Warrior - Hell To Pay

Spartan Warrior - Hell To Pay

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Recently, CDs of bands that have attempted to start a career in the eighties and succeeded to a greater or lesser extent have been released. V2 and Seasons Of The Wolf are recent not so successful examples of this. Now it's up to Spartan Warrior from the UK to try with their fourth album since 1983. A great album cover already gives them some bonus points. The music on this release is also not bad at all.

'Hell To Pay' kicks off the more than three-quarters of an hour of music and it is the starting signal for ten fine hard rock / heavy metal songs that are in line with Saxon and UFO. Singer Dave Wilkinson is also somewhat like both singers from these two institutions. Unfortunately, he is not that strong on all songs which makes that this record deserves a good score, but it could have been an even higher score. The songs are as already said quite good and well executed with the right guitar solo in the right place. Also the production is very well done. Even a ballad is not missing in the form of 'Something To Believe In'. Only certainly in a ballad, the limitations of singer Dave come to the surface. For fans of good quality hard rock / metal with the necessary seventies and eighties influences it is worth giving the album a chance.

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