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Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires

Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires

Label : Lava Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Sometimes the music - and with it the attention - of a band speeds ahead of time. As in the case of this US band Greta van Fleet. Their debut album had not yet been released but nevertheless their live performances in both Nijmegen and Amsterdam in Holland were (almost) sold out. And all of this on the basis of some rumors from America and one or two seeping tracks. And was that attention exaggerated or justified? That we will have to see. But based on their debut album 'From The Fires' the band gets the benefit of any doubt anyway.

Beforehand I did not have any doubts whatsoever. I heard the song 'Highway Tune' a few months ago and it blew me away. Greta van Fleet consists of three brothers Kiszka and these boys have probably been forced to listen to music from the seventies of their parents. To Led Zeppelin, to Deep Purple and to American rock bands like The Allman Brothers. They then linked these influences to more modern music from bands like Wolfmother, The Black Crowes and even Arctic Monkeys and then you get a wonderfully cool combination of old and new. In addition, Joshua Kiszka's voice resembles that of a young Robert Plant and then you know: Greta van Fleet has it. But goodness me, these guys are really young! Unbelievable.

Opener 'Safari Song' immediately sets the tone: what an incredibly great song, built around a delicious riff and with fine vocal lines by Joshua. 'Flower Power' then sounds like a combination of The Black Crowes and Kingdome Come where the vocals take the lead, but also the instrumentation cannot be left unmentioned. The band also shows how to record a convincing cover that fits seamlessly with their own material: Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come' is just great. The already well-known 'Highway Tune' is an outright tribute to Zeppelin's work: fantastic. The only downside of this debut is the limited playing time because this definitely tastes for more. As far as they are not yet: Greta van Fleet is the next big thing. And rightly so.

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