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Empires Fall - A Piece To The Blind The Great Collapse

Empires Fall - A Piece To The Blind The Great Collapse

Label : Iron Shield Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : The first thing that pops through the head of your reviewer is Kreator, for the authentic German thrash contents forms a steady steamy base. This Hamburg based four-piece manages to hit the right chord without being swallowed in the swirl of wannabees. These guy do nothing really innovative, but deliver a sincere tribute to one of the cornerstones that formed metal. Empires Fall offers a tray full of clichés, but executed in such a way that every sincere metalhead will be triggered (as well as the death metalfreaks among you). The consistent ride through years of heavy metal is lively executed on tracks such as ‘Blood From The Sky’, ‘Betrayers’ (cool!), ‘In Decay’ (with a Bolt Thrower intro) and ‘Wasteland’. Producer Jörg Uken has canned the whole in a total authenticated way. When you are into old school driven thrash with a convincing metal pace, you will certainly be more than entertained with this release.

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