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Deströyer 666 - Call Of The Wild

Deströyer 666 - Call Of The Wild

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : Since the release of their magnificent, second “comeback” album ’Wildfire’ that was released two years ago, Deströyer 666 has been in for another great ride. In order to ease the wait for the next record K.K. Warslut and his troops will deliver this EP at the end of February, containing three brand new tracks. This band has never deviated much from its sound and style and the three new songs are also unmistakably Deströyer 666. ‘Stone By Stone’ for example would have fitted perfectly on ‘Wildfire’. The same goes for the title track, although this song does contain more traditional metal influences. The pace on ‘Violence Is Golden’ is a bit lower and although this is a typical Deströyer-piece, the song heavily breathes the atmosphere of Venom. All three tracks are solid compositions (what else could we expect anyway?) and the addictive value is traditionally high.

Along with the new tracks the EP contains a new version of the band’s classic, and live-favourite, ‘Trialed By Fire’, from the ‘Terror Abraxas’ EP (2003). The song is ever recognizable, but at the same time has had quite a makeover and most of all sounds more epic. The influences from Bathory and it’s ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’ are quite obvious here. Being used to the original the 2018 version is of course a matter of getting used to, but nevertheless the new version is definitely cool. So all in all ‘Call Of The Wild’ is a great mid-album snack and (traditionally) a nice collector’s item, as it comes in a limited quantity. The EP will be made available as a digipack, cassette and 12” vinyl (in different colours). So get yourself moving and pre-order that thing.

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