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Puzzlewood - Gates Of Loki

Puzzlewood - Gates Of Loki

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Nowadays it’s tradition to place music in a box, which can sometimes lead to pretty funny subgenres, like the Russian band Puzzlewood, according to them they play meditative post-progressive rock. Other than that there’s not much to find about the band (in English) and it looks like ‘Gates Of Loki’ is the debut album from the group from Moscow. So, let’s move on to the album review.

‘Gates Of Loki’ isn’t easily placed in a certain box but, to get an idea of the sound of the album, I’ll compare it to a mix of Pearl Jam, Porcupine Tree and Pain Of Salvation. During the whole album the music sounds ominous and really tries to be mysterious. The group doesn’t fully succeed there, however. The songs unfortunately sound very similar and lack diversity, it doesn’t help that Tony Legatov’s vocal skills are very limited and, in the higher parts, just doesn’t sound that nice. His guitar skills aren’t always that great either, especially the guitar solos are horrible, sometimes they sounds as if they’re played in the wrong key, and like they were improvised on the spot. Terrible! Luckily there’s also some positive feedback, the bass guitar parts of Nikita Lipatov are not bad at all, a very acceptable level. Funny enough it’s the percussion from Kiril Rossolimo that stand out and are the most original, the percussion sounds especially great in the songs ‘Obsessed’ and the second part of ‘Remember My Name’. The production isn’t something to write home about, the sound of the guitars is very mediocre, the snare is a bit too loud and the kick is a bit too soft.

Well, that doesn’t sound very good but honestly, at times, I do hear some potential. Especially the named songs contain some excellent parts but that level isn’t kept-up the whole album. If the band can build on that sound and make a record that keeps that high level of quality, I might want to listen to it again. Now it’s basically a struggle to keep listening until the end. A very mediocre album, I wouldn’t recommend checking it out. Accept for the adventurists among us.

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