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Killing Gandhi - Aspirations Of Failure

Killing Gandhi - Aspirations Of Failure

Label : Massacre | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : After 'Cinematic Parallels', 'Aspirations Of Failure' is the second disc from these Danes that has reached our offices. I granted the previous album a score of 85. I was very fond of the melodic death metal on that album. What does this new album bring us?

The intro is boring and unnecessary. Opening track 'Let Me Tell' is good and demands the repeat button to be used. Next up is 'Dark Hours'. Holy fuckin shit! What a fantastic song! Watch the YouTube clip and dare to say that this is only mediocre. What a beast. After a song like that the level of entertainment can only decline, and that is the case, but not yet dramatically, because also 'Hollow Paintings' is a deliciously aggressive, yet melodic death metal song. That is also the case with 'The Great Escape'. Damn, what a nice album this is again. But in 'Art Of Silence' things take a small turn for the worst. It is still a nice song, but the clean vocals are not necessary and affect the power of the song. Occasionally the clean (female) vocals come back and that should be skipped if it was for me. These vocals are not exceptionally good. The description ‘boring’ suits better ('The Painter And The Sleeper'). But apart from that, this has definitely become a great groovy death metal album. The songs are layered and effective and incredibly catchy. That combination has proved to be very successful with me. Closing song 'Building My Own Fate' is a good example of this. In terms of sound, this album is very comparable to Dark Tranquility, although this is a bit more massive. Soilwork also seems to be an influence.

The disadvantage is that there is really nothing original on this album. They reinvented the steel for the 100th time. On the other hand, there is a thing called entertainment and there is really a lot of it, hence my score. That is slightly lower than with the previous album because of the moderate clean vocals. Are you also a fan of this genre, then you should not even doubt and just buy it.

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