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Ignore The Sign - A Line To Cross

Ignore The Sign - A Line To Cross

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Singer/composer/producer Ossy Pfeiffer had the intention to release this album as a solo effort. In the end he changed his mind though, and now this album is presented as a band production under the moniker of Ignore The Sign. Steve Mann might be the most familiar name, as he used to be a member of MSG and is now part of the Michael Schenker Fest. Let me be clear; this is a ‘un-German’ sounding album. Pfeiffer’s vocals are quite good, but also without the accent, sometimes typical for German vocals. Also, musically you will be looking for those specific German sound without success.

The opening song ‘Saviours Of Rock’ is a bit simple. ‘No Way Home’ is a bit more upbeat with some heavier guitarwork. The following track ‘Brother’ might be written for Ossy’s brother who recently passed away. A nice tribute. The spicy ‘The Story Isn’t Over’ introduces us to female vocalist Anca Graterol for the first time. Her voice shows comparison to Mothers Finest’s Joyce Kennedy. Some nice solos in this song as well. Unfortunately, next song When Words Ain’t Enough’ is not that strong. It is the first song though where percussionist Momme Boe can be heard clearly, though it escapes me why this band added a percussionist. He must be a very nice guy. ‘God With A Million Faces’ introduce sus to singer number three; bass player Lars Lehmann. Not the strongest vocalist, but it is a nice rocking tune with an addictive chorus. ‘Sweet Lady’ has a very strong Toto vibe to it. it is more pop than rock. The guitar solo in the song is quite enjoyable. ‘Days Of Thunder’ is a bit faster and the squealing Hammond organ adds to the seventies vibe of the song. One of the strongest tracks is the semi ballad ‘Behind The Wall’. Extra positive mention for the strong guitarwork on this one. Kudos to Steve Mann for his strong playing on this album. Anca Graterol steps up to the mike one more time on ‘Can’t Find The Door’. A nice rocking track where Anca brings Joyce Kennedy to mind one more time, nice rocking song.

This album is not bad at all, but the mix up of musical styles makes it hard to define for which public ‘A Line To Cross’ is best suited. But if you are a sucker for classic rock and, for example, Mother’s Finest, you might enjoy this album.

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