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Eleine - Until The End

Eleine - Until The End

Label : Black Lodge | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Last year the very enjoyable, originally in 2015 released eponymously entitled debut album of the Swedish symphonic metal outfit Eleine was brought to market again and that re-release is now followed by the second album ‘Until The End’. I’m pleased to see that the band on this new album has grown enormously in comparison with the debut record. That growth is especially caused by the very fresh sounding, at times somewhat bombastic song material, which in my opinion is much more varied but especially more mature than what was presented on the debut album.

The sound of Eleine is determined to a big extent by the lovely riffs of guitar player Rikard Ekberg (who also provides the necessary grunt vocals in the material), but especially by the magnificent voice of the charismatic female singer Madeleine Liljestam. This lady is a very striking appearance in the metal scene and stands out both with her looks as well as her voice, with is definitely a big plus for the band. Tunes like ‘Story Untold’, ‘Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)’, ‘Sanity’ and the subdued, but very beautiful ‘Please’ (with a superb Liljestam) will certainly be able to let the hearts of the fans of the genre beat faster, but as a matter of fact ‘Until The End’ as a whole has become a very strong record.

In my review of the re-release I already indicated that it was about time for new material, as I was very curious how this band would develop further. Well, I couldn’t have guessed that this second album would become such a big step forward. Eleine has been able to surprise me in a very positive way and if they’re able to keep this progression rate going, then they can certainly become one of the top acts in the symphonic metal genre in my opinion.

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