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Candle - The Keeper’s Curse

Candle - The Keeper’s Curse

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Reviewing this album really was a challenge to me, since the vocals of Erik Nordkvist really are a challenge to listen to through the whole album. Nordkvist thinks he can sing, whereas he just really can’t. His vocals sound whiny and off-key at times and not to mention his high pitched vocals which are almost embarrassing. An that, is actually quite a pity, since the music of Candle is not bad at all. The quintet releases their debut album 'The Keeper’s Curse' through the Spanish label Fighter Records, a division of Xtreem Music.

The band was formed in 2015 by the guitarists Christian Kanto and Markus Janis and who soon completed the line-up with the brothers Jorma and Juhani Pihlajainen (drums and bass respectively). The quintet plays atmospheric and theatrical heavy metal inspired by Mercyful Fate, Savatage, Judas Priest and Satan and they have created quite enjoyable compositions with an old school vibe to it. The 4-track demo 2016 was the reason Figher Records signed the five Swedes from Sandviken. The same four tracks 'Betrayal', 'Dancing Lights', 'Frozen With Fear' and 'No Peace For My Soul' were re-recorded for this, their debut album, and four new compositions were added. The song 'The Secret' was released as the first single in December of last year. Candle’s heavy metal sounds quite traditional and has a doomy edge to it. And during the few moments that Nordkvist doesn’t sing, the album is actually quite enjoyable. But once he opens his mouth it just really hurts my ears. Candle should find themselves a real singer and then I bet you this band will sound really cool. But with Nordkvist fronting this band it won’t stand a chance. I am giving 78 points for the music and 50 for the vocals, so 64 on average.

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