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Björn Riis - Coming Home

Björn Riis - Coming Home

Label : Karisma Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : Björn Riis is the guitarist (and bandleader) of the Norwegian progband Airbag, a band that has a great following, not only in Norway but certainly also in The Netherlands. Last year Riis released his second solo album 'Forever Comes To An End'. On his solo albums we hear partly different music than the typical progrock of his band Airbag: more and more we hear a sort of ambient music or a kind of cinematic music. Very visual therefore. The same goes for the music on this mini CD 'Coming Home'.

Whether it's just a release for real fans or whatever; the music is absolutely worth listening to. The album opens with the instrumental 'Daybreak', in which we hear a kind of ambient / New Age that could be used as a soundtrack for a documentary. The following 'Coming Home' is strongly reminiscent of Airbag. It is fragile, until the guitar solo of Riis shakes you completely awake. What an awesome guitar sound the guy has, right? At times, he sounds even more like David Gilmour than Gilmour himself. 'Drowing' is also a fantastic song and has a nice structure. The guitar work is brilliantly subtle and the female voice is equally beautiful (and therefore immediately reminds me of Anathema). 'Tonight's The Night' is a short, instrumental song in which piano and guitar go hand in hand. This track would also do well as a soundtrack. The mini album ends with an alternative version of 'Lullabies In A Car Crash', from his eponymous debut album. All in all a nice gadget for the (many) fans of Riis.

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