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Hautajaisyö - Matkalla Kohti Hauta

Hautajaisyö - Matkalla Kohti Hauta

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Hautajaisyö (funeral night) is a bunch of Finnish lads that sing in their native language. And by singing we mean of course producing a deep grunt and heavy growls. The power is mainly hidden within the music. This varies from melodic death metal up to fierce thrash metal riffs. In the latter we hear that fast and hard riffing that was so characteristic for the old stuff from Slayer and Sepultura. You hear a lot of variety and it is obvious these guys know how to compose a tune or two. My personal favorites are 'Minut Pelastakaa' with it's impressive end and the fantastic sounding 'Unohdetut', wherein the grunts are interspersed with clean vocals. So do not get put off by the thought of Finnish singing. These guys really know how to play guitar. Fans of thrash of death metal will definitely find their liking here.

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