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Apathy Noir - Black Soil

Apathy Noir - Black Soil

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Apathy Noir has been around for a while in the blackened doom/death metal scène under the moniker Apathy, but in 2016 they were forced to change their name in Apathy Noir. Nevertheless Swedish Viktor Jonas remains the mastermind and Jack-of-all-trades from this depressive enterprise. On ‘Black Soil’ he was assisted by lyricist and vocalist Andy Walmsley (native of the UK), while Lars Björkens added any fluent guitar solos on ‘The Glass Delusion’ and ‘Bloodsong’.

Influences of Swallow The Sun, Katatonia and Opeth are mentioned, and concerning Katatonia it is tenable for the first two tracks ‘The Glass Delusion’ and ‘Samsara’. The doom laden timbre is invigorated with fetching rhythmic fervency now and then and Andy uses his voice in many different ways all album long. Graceful guitar leads make us dream away during these lengthy compositions, varying from six till nine minutes long. In the latter part of the album, the music gets more extreme. Darkness reigns in slow moving tracks such as ‘The Void Which Binds’ and ‘Bloodsong’. Every ray of light disappears behind the horizon, there is no hope in sight anymore. Calm passages with semi acoustic guitar interludes are really beautiful, while clean vocal parts are solemn, but not always flawless (‘The Void Which Binds’). That’s why this happens to be a compelling album to wallow in gloominess, but from time to time a bit long-winded.

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