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Verikalpa - Taistelutahto

Verikalpa - Taistelutahto

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Verikalpa is a band that originates from the northern Finnish city of Oulu. It is a relatively new band, which was founded by members of Catamenia and Quake The Earth and thus has the necessary experience. The band plays folk metal, so the songs are as usual in this genre about beer drinking and epic battles, and if possible a combination of these two subjects. Nice detail is that the band sings in Finnish and especially in the accent from the Oulu region. So do not expect to be able to sing along with the lyrics but you may want to try it phonetically.

Since I am absolutely not a connoisseur of the genre, the following words may seem hurtful to insiders, for which I apologize upfront. The ten songs on 'Taistelutahto' have a high sing-along level, though Verikalpa has a rawer edge than I am used to from folk metal. Officially Verikalpa is also a troll / folk metal band, maybe that's the explanation. The characteristic feature is that all songs are very catchy, with a recognizable melody that on the other hand is also predictable. That cannot prevent you from moving to the music while listening because it is so incredibly contagious. Catchy melodies combined with a nice guitar sound and edgy raw vocals. 'Taistelutahto' is therefore absolutely a nice album, through the ears of a layman, but still.

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