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Deadheads - This One Goes To 11

Deadheads - This One Goes To 11

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : A future classic? ‘This One Goes To 11’; a memorable quote from the ultimate spoof ‘Spinal Tap’ brings back great moments and makes me very curious. The bands influences are mentioned with pride in the added info sheet; the raw energy in the line of MC5 or Ramones, combined with simple, yet very effective Kiss-like riffs and melodies, make it easy to recognize Hellacopters, Gluecifer and Turbonegro as those influences. The band is active from 2012, has released two previous albums, and being someone really into this high energy rawk ‘n’ roll, I’m ashamed I’m not familiar with their works yet. This is simply straight forward kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll of high quality. Maybe this is more sloppy, grittier, and not that organized in arrangements as my heroes of Grande Royale, but hey, it can’t be all the same. This is all about fierce guitars, catchy riffs and wild energy which make you want to move every muscle in your body, and loud harmonies which make you want to scream along. No need for gift-wrap; I’ll consume this one instantly. Now it’s a matter of searching for the earlier stuff.

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