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Dead Alone - Serum

Dead Alone - Serum

Label : Reaper Entertainment | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : Dead Alone still belongs to one of the insider tips in the atmospheric death metal scene. Quite strange considering they have already released four above par albums. In February they will release their 5th long player ‘Serum’, their most innovative and catchiest album to date from the four men from the Bavarian Oberland. The music of Dead Alone is always embraced by a good portion of atmosphere and in combination with their lyrics, that deal with the apocalypse provoked by mankind, stands for a unique, theatrical sound and aura. Fantastic, unexpected tempo changes, catchy melodies, tight rhythms and with a defined and full sound, fans of melancholic death metal surely appreciate this release since it offers more than enough variety to never get boring. All in all a great album and a must for fans of bands like Sceptic Flesh or The Elysian Fields.

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