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Revenger - The New Mythology Vol.1

Revenger - The New Mythology Vol.1

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen W. : After their debut in 2014, the Canadians from Revenger bring us the EP “The New Mythology Vol.1’. The band plays grooving thrash metal but uses anger and simplicity over technical craftmanship. Striking is the shrieking scream of singer Andrew Bailey. That was very confronting in the first song. Only from the second one 'Anti Life' you get more or less used to it. The guitar riffs are simple but fast. The men (and woman of course with Julia Geaman on the drums) must have thought like “all systems go!”. With 'We Want Blood' and 'The Man Who Shot God' the sparks fly around. Closing ditty 'The Watcher' is played a bit slower but sounds a lot dirtier and because of that, it is not inferior to the rest in terms of aggression. Revenger has certainly found his own style and I am sure it's worth a try.

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