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Novareign - Legends

Novareign - Legends

Label : M-Theory Audio | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Though Novareign is an American power metal band, their music sound very much European. This is slightly over one hour of music divided over nine songs, and it is mostly reminiscent of the hyperactive Dragonforce stuff. After the soaring opening track ‘Call On The Storm’ the speed is hardly ever lowered anymore. This is full throttle high speed guitar playing, combined with high vocals, double bass drums and of course it is completely over the top. Novareign still manages to play this in a convincing way. Where many other bands bring their stuff accompanied by simply bad vocals, Novareign features a strong singer in David Marquez. Because of his light but clear voice and his swift way of singing, he leans towards the sound of Damnagoras of Elvenking, though this man makes a lot more use of the cliché “ohyeaaaaah”-squeaks. It would not have hurt the versatility of the music if the focus could be less obsessive on speed here and there, the album is beginning to get a bit tedious halfway because of this. Yet still this is a strong debut album that Dragonforce fans will surely appreciate.

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