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Black Horizon - Zerogon

Black Horizon - Zerogon

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Black Horizon is a bit of a strange one because all the songs have vocals with Dutch lyrics. That took some time to get used to, honestly, and I can’t really think of anyone else who’s doing the same thing. ‘Zerogon’ is the fifth album that will be released under the name ‘Black Horizon’, the last two were ‘0:[wit]’ and ‘0:[zwart]’ and were completely written by Menno Meerbach (a.k.a. Dr. No) himself. For his newest work ‘Zerogon’ Dr. No asked the help of some of his heroes, like Mark Jansen (Epica) and Dutch rapper Def P., to contribute on the album. The result? According to Meerbach it’s his best record thus far.

The first time that I listened to the album I didn’t really understand what I was listening to. Everything that’s on it goes off the beaten path and isn’t your typical heavy metal band. So, I had to listen to the album a number of times to better understand it and the album got slightly better every time I checked it out. It’s definitely not an album that you put on in the background, you need to sit down for it and actively listen. To be honest, I think the best description of the album is art, the lyrics of Meerbach will make the audience think and the music supports his message. Besides writing lyrics he also plays guitar, sings and programmed the drums, all reasonable well. He’s not the next Joe Satriani or Russel Allen, but that’s not necessary at all, his vocals suit very well with the music and his guitar skills are on par with the music. The songs are the best Meerbach’s ever written, according to the man himself. It’s hard for me to confirm or deny, but I can say that there are a number of strong songs like ‘De Singulariteit’ with Def P.

I have loads of respect for Meerbach’s attitude towards his music, he finds it much more important to create music he wants to create, rather than selling albums. He does what he likes and strongly believes that music isn’t a business but a form of art. The result is an artful album which not everybody will like. I could recommend the record to anyone who’s up for a musical adventure who can appreciate really listening to an album. From me ‘Zerogon’ gets a, well-deserved, good score.

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