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Rumahoy - The Triumph Of Piracy

Rumahoy - The Triumph Of Piracy

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Just a warning in advance, if you expect decent metal or even something that can be called decent musicianship, you best click away right now.

If you are not good enough to play real metal, you just turn it into a joke right? There are quite some trollmetal bands that seem to get away with it, and now there is also an Alestorm rip-off. But still, Alestorm consists of capable musicians, sounds just fine musically and also they manage to write lyrics of some level next to only the drinking stuff. Rumahoy is nothing more than a bunch of people that can’t play, lyrics that don’t exceed the level of “yarr yarr” and titles like ‘Netflix And Yarr’ (nope, not a joke!). And then those vocals! Christopher Bowes of Alestorm might not be a world-class singer, but compared to the nattering of “Captain Yarrface” (nope, also not a joke!) Bowes is equal to Ronnie James Dickinson-Halford. Listening to this piece of garbage equals a path of torment combined with vicarious shame, with a new suicidal tendency every other minute. Every time you think it cannot get worse, the next song starts and of course it can get worse! You might wonder what got into the guy at Napalm Records when he decided to provide a platform for his garbage.

I might be the old crank here, but so f*cking be it. Metal is a form of music and music is, has always been and always will be a form of art. Ever seen a Hollywood film that consists of only drinking scenes because the actors were uncapable of acting? Ever seen a writer get away with a two hundred page book of only randomly chosen words about alcohol abuse because he cannot write? I still have to see the first one. Ten points as a base score, plus five for the guitar player who I would strongly recommend to find a band that actually can play, just like him. What a piece of hopeless no-good!

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