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Jacobs Moor - Self

Jacobs Moor - Self

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : This is one of those bands that couldn’t care less about labels, genres and all that stuff that comes with it. On their second album ‘Self’, the Austrian band Jacobs Moor does not shun doing something completely different every song. The fivesome is starting from a prog/thrash foundation but in the first song after the intro, ‘Watching Atrocities’, they pour in a decent sip of melodic death using the rough vocals of Ritchie Krenmaier, who turns out to be a true allround metal vocalist. On the more progressive ‘The Absence Of Me’ he gives his clean sound more space, giving the music a modern twist, somewhat in the direction of Machine Head. Also the guitars are given plenty of space to impress with soloing, giving the title track a tasty vibe. ‘Falling To Pieces’ has kind of a black cloud hanging over it and leans toward the older Celtic Frost. ‘Neglacting The Path Of The Sun’ features some interesting pace changes and continues on the progressive path. ‘Hopeless Endeavour’ is the albums closer, and some closer it is! Eleven minutes of pure joy starting out as almost atmospheric black melodrama, developing into a low thundering climax, after which it blows itself out with the same clean guitar sounds it started with.

A short story like this in fact does not do justice to this notably great record and so you will have to hear this for yourselves. Give it a few spins, for this album is a typical grower, but once hooked, you will not be let go that easily anymore. Which label is the first one daring to offer these talents a contract?

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