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Gods Of Hellfire - Chronicles Of Death

Gods Of Hellfire - Chronicles Of Death

Label : Burning Halo Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : A lot of interesting things are happening musically in Bradford (UK). A good many bands, some a little more known than others, come from that area and there's an active member exchange between bands, which results in the coming about of many different projects and sounds. Personally, I like a lot of what is coming from that region and I was very glad last November to get to hear Gods Of Hellfire's music for the first time. A band that until then had escaped my notice. At the end of 2014 they released their first album 'Chronicles Of Death', and pretty soon after putting it on it becomes clear that the title gives quite an accurate picture of what we're dealing with: raw music, a brutal sound and lyrics about bloodshed, death and conquest, but of a level a bit higher than the average 'Kill With Power'. It's the music I imagine will signal the end of days.

It starts off with 'Demon Of The Fathomless', that shows us a none too fast but merciless sound that here and there is reminiscent of the dragging along sound that some of the '70's darker rockbands started with, eventually accompanied by the scraping vocals of Alec Calderbank. The two complement each other well and manage to, without effort, guide the listener through all nine songs, all of which are of the same good quality. I would like to point out 'Devil Rides Out' though, of which the spoken intro made me smile quite a bit: "And you are now beneath my influence; although your eyes are open and you seem aware, you are in fact asleep, your faculties dormant, your ability to act and think subservient to my will." Smile, because sometimes metal is made out to be the music of the devil, but here it's made clear that, if you believe in it, it's a lot more devilish to mindlessly conform to what society wants you to perceive as normal. The two longest songs (10+ minutes) on the album, 'Kraken Rising' and 'Decimation', are also good examples of what the Gods offer and show how quite a few different styles are brought together nicely. Especially the piercing, magnetizing outro of 'Decimation' managed to keep me attached until the album finished. I categorized this as doom metal, but really I find it the perfect blend of doom and more traditional heavy metal.

The end of this year should see the release of Gods Of Hellfire's second full length album, and although it will be a continuation of the sound of 'Chronicles Of Death', I was told it will be even more brutal.

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