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Oblivious - Nar IsarnaSjunger

Oblivious - Nar IsarnaSjunger

Label : Gaphals | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The new album ’Nar Isarna Sjunger’ by the Swedish Oblivious contains all lyrics in their native tongue, and that makes me expect some great stuff in the line of ‘Bjalken I Ditt Oga' from their second album. These expectations cannot be met completely. The songs are well in line as predecessor of their third album ‘Out Of The Wilderness’ with less stubborn and maybe slightly more commercial songs. The mix of seventies rock and obstinate stoner parts have slightly switched even more to a combination of melodic classic rock and metal. Personally I experience this latest works as less interesting or just more average compared to the great second album ‘Creating Meaning’. Still this latest release does contain some well performed stuff, and I have to mention the very tasteful contributions by the guitars separately, because they are a true asset once more.

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