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My Silent Wake - There Was Death

My Silent Wake - There Was Death

Label : Minotauro Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : England’s My Silent Wake returns with their tenth studio album. Looking at their catalogue they released a lot more, like singles and splits. Red thread throughout those releases is consistency. Whether it’s an ambient album or a pure doom/death release; this band always delivers quality. This also applies to ‘There Was Death’ which is another doom/death release after ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ from 2015. Last year they did release the ambient album ‘Invitation To Imperfection’.

This new album really appeals to me. In the past I drew comparisons to bands such as Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride, but now I really have to stress that My Silent Wake particularly sounds like My Silent Wake. The ingredients might not all be all original, you immediately do hear you’re dealing with My Silent Wake. I have to stress that the framework for melodic doom/death is quite limited. And that bands can attract attention by providing solid compositions and an recognizable sound. My Silent Wake exactly does that.

‘There Was Death’ contains nine songs and lasts a bit over an hour. There are no complaints when it comes to the sound. Part of the album was recorded at Priory Studios with Greg Chandler (Esoteric) who also did the mix. Next to that he added some grunts and keyboard parts. You can also hear some female vocals that were done by Sarah Broomhead. Song-wise there are no complaints either. This simply is a very strong doom/death album with beautiful melodies, heavy riffs and cool keyboard parts. So, all ingredients for a fine album are provided for.

I like to give some extra attention to the closing track ‘An End To Suffering’ in which you can hear a Yangqin (a string instrument that is played like a xylophone) and a pianorgan. Instruments you don’t usually find on a metal album, but it works out very nicely. This alone is reason enough to listen to the complete album. A mighty fine closing of a great album.

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