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Invisible Enemy - Diversity

Invisible Enemy - Diversity

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Invisible Enemy from Finland is a young band and ‘Diversity’ is the debut of the gents. Well, that album title was chosen well, because there is quite some styles to recognise on this eight song album. Opener ‘Invisible Enemy’ and especially its intro made my think this was a power metal band. In terms of melody and guitar play the song had all the signs, only the vocals were the odd one out. When the music makes a thrash-turn in ‘Commandos’, things suddenly start to merge a lot better. The sound of Sampo’s voice does somewhat approach ex-Pantera singer Phil Anselmo, even though he has considerably less power in his voice. Striking is the amount of keyboards that also run through these harder songs, giving the music a comfortable melodic taste. Speaking of melodic, ‘Worthless Heart’ that also features in the video clip, that is simply a melodic metal song! ‘The End Of The Universe’ is more experimental, though also this one is built upon a thrash foundation. ‘Destination Unknown’ is a wayward one, not in the last place because of the female guest vocals that upon first listening do not seem to fit in the song at all. ‘Prey’ and ‘In The Name Of God’ are more straightforward thrash. With the seven minute ‘The Fate Of Atlantis’ the band manages to close things in an impressive way. All in all a very fine debut album that is not easily put into one genre, an achievement in itself regarding the amount of terms and genres used in metal these days.

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