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Harakiri For The Sky - Arson

Harakiri For The Sky - Arson

Label : Art Of Propaganda | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : After a proper start of the new year with Summoning, we are now diving deeper into the second Austrian duo who hides themselves after enigmatic pseudonyms; in this case the initials M.S. and J.J., Harakiri For The Sky. An intriguing name and we were lucky to see the band live as support act of A Forest Of Stars a while ago. With ‘Arson’ they release their fourth studio album, the successor of the captivating ’III: Trauma’. This time they even entered the studio with a drummer of flesh and blood and not the slightest one: Kerim ‘Krimh’ Lechner, well-known from the recent Septicflesh album and Behemoth live. Thus no beginner and it results in a more organic sound.

The music of Harakiri For The Sky is cast in a blackened mould, with influences of fluttering post rock. It settles down in lengthy compositions with momentum, including contrasts of harshness and moving beautiful semi-acoustic passages. Vibrating tremolo guitar skills ascent into heaven while we dig deeper into mud lyric-wise. Seven new songs, varying from eight till ten minutes length, pass us by as a parade of desperate eschatological fury. With as strange feeling the fact that they do include loads of enchanting melodious leads and fetching catchiness. This contradiction in terminus works really well with these guys, that’s why we never have a feel of saturation. The engrossing video clips will help you with this: when you watch them, your winter depression is nothing compared to this ultimate catharsis. Just take a look at the recent clip for ‘Heroin Waltz’ and you know what I mean. Once again the songs are relished with introvert passages, the intensity of the ultimate screams of J.J. is even bigger after that. They have the guts to start slowly, building up tension towards accelerations with blastbeats, but in the end this music goes beyond your regular portion of black metal. On the bonus track ‘Manifesto’ – a cover from Graveyard Lovers – we even hear any female vocals, but let’s consider this a lone sidestep for the special editions…

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