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Feed The Rhino - The SIlence

Feed The Rhino - The SIlence

Label : Century Media | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This British hardcore and metalcore band has been around since 2008 and they are still in the same line-up aw with they started. A lot of bands change members faster than my teenage daughter her outfit, so that must count for something. But they are more than only metalcore. Their music contains a lot more influences. A bit of Gallows but then also some of that groove that you encounter in the south of the US like Down. Emotional vocal parts that can be found in alternative rock, such as Deftones and Alice In Chains. Some songs contain those punk elements that Green Day has become so familiar with. In short, an album that rocks with a lot of variation between the songs. Opener 'Timewave Zero' is metalcore mixed with some post rock including the typical emotional vocals. The floating guitar lines make it a sturdy and smooth song. In 'Heedless' you hear more rapping vocals, though the heavy guitar breaks and nice choruses make it stick quite fast. But the band also delivers a nice semi ballad-like song with 'Losing Ground', though with very sharp guitar work. 'All Work And No Play Makes A Jack Dull Boy' is then more of an attack on the social establishment where the punk meter goes straight in the red. So there is something for everyone. With 'The Silence' Feed The Rhino has delivered an excellent album and they have firmly established themselves among the better bands in this genre.

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