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Erotic Psycho - The Lost Boyz

Erotic Psycho - The Lost Boyz

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : My knowledge of the Spanish rock scene stopped by knowing that there is a band out there called Baron Rojo. But from now on, I know of the existence of Erotic Psycho, a glam rock band from sunny Valencia. ‘The Lost Boyz’ is the first full length album by the band, in 2016 they release an EP titled ‘Sex You Up!’. This first full-length album is backed up by fans of the band through a crowdfunding campaign. Lyrically Erotic Suicide is not for the faint hearted with titles like ‘Mainstream Whore’ or ‘Squirt Baby Squirt’ Is this the Spanish bastard child of Steel Panther? Seeing the subjects of the songs you could think so. The guys are proud to be boozing heavily, snorting a lot of drugs and taking advantage of women for the reason they exist. What reason that might be? Fill it in yourselves.

So far in introducing the band, but what about the music? If Pretty Boy Floyd and Faster Pussycat are your cup of tea, you might like Erotic Psycho. Even better, they fit in nicely between the two aforementioned bands. Singer Nanda his voice even shows resemblances to that of Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe. Not that he will ever win a song contest, but he has enough attitude and personality that fits this kind of sleaze rock. And guitarist Jay Martino masters the art of playing sleazy guitar more than enough. In opener ‘Mainstream Whore’ (nice upbeat opener), ‘Sweet Suicide’(strong chorus on this one) and We’ll Go Wild’ (that brings Finnish band Reckless Love to mind) this album has his strongest songs. Biggest let-down is ‘Stinky Boy Blues’, being too simple and a bit boring. Not a bad debut at all, although improvement can be made if the songs would have been a bit more varied.

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