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Entropy Coding - Tales Of The Moon

Entropy Coding - Tales Of The Moon

Label : Agoge Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Italian female keyboard player and composer Susanna Coltrè has already started the project Entropy Coding in 2015, but it has taken a couple of years before she thought that the time was ripe to bring this debut album to market. Has ‘Tales Of The Moon’ been worth the wait then? Well, in my opinion it certainly has, because the symphonically tinted progressive metal of Entropy Coding contains enough elements to be able to convince the fans of the genre. The basis of the songs that are offered here is based on lovely riffs, for which Susanna has used no less than six guitar players which colour the songs quite nicely. Together with the orchestral and bombastic elements and the good female vocals this accounts for the fact that the eight tracks (+ intro “Once Upon A Time’) are very enjoyable to listen to.

Especially the great ‘Neon In The Dark’, ‘Running Before The Dawn’ and ‘Shining Through Our Light’ leave a good impression, although it has to be said that the rest of the material doesn’t lag too much behind. The production could have bit a bit fuller in my opinion, because that would have improved things a bit more, although it’s not a true show-stopper. With this ‘Tales Of The Moon’ Susanna Coltrè proves to have the necessary song writing talent and as such this debut album can be seen as quite successful. However, Entropy Coding still doesn’t have the sheer class to be able to compete in the absolute top of the genre, but if they’re capable of improving on a number of specific points it won’t take long before they can make this step. ‘Tales Of The Moon’ is in fact a fine first attempt in this.

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