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Odcult - Into The Earth

Odcult - Into The Earth

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The three guys of Odcult each have their own musical background and sources of inspiration varying from good old hard rock to punk, and formed a band that will appeal to fans of any kind of music from the seventies, according to the added info. Some sold kind of hard rock can certainly be found, but to be honest, the direction can also be classified as eighties-like with the available metal elements, and the punk parts often remind me of bands in the direction of Therapy? When music is described as influenced by seventies, one can also expect some blues and psychedelic acid stuff (I will leave-out disco and new wave), but I haven’t discovered any of this. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that Coffe, Andy and Dennis are skilled and experienced musicians, who played in several bands and bring a very decent piece of work with this album. Especially the guitars present some parts making the difference when comparing this to many average band in the genre. I do have my doubts about the as “spotless vocals” described voice though; one may call this raw or loud, but it can be seen as blatant with a lack of variation also. Still, overall this album can be seen as a decent piece of work, which might be appreciated mostly by listeners into more eighties influenced rock and metal.

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