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Oregon Trail - Haven

Oregon Trail - Haven

Label : Czar Of Crickets Productions | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : As complete strangers for each other the band members came together in 2012. The atmosphere of a student band soon grew to a place with a lot of experimentation urge towards post-rock. In 2015 they came up with their debut album. Although their homeland Switzerland has many idyllic places, they moved to Le Locle. A desolate and rugged mountain landscape where they let go of their musical brain-winds completely.

The result is a dark post-rock album with lots of room for emotions. And those are not exactly cheerful. Vocalist / guitarist Charles Bernhard has been able to convert all that negativity into very emotional and expressive vocals. Sometimes he sings and then he sounds like an angry voice that tells and in which especially the feeling prevails. Call it even a bit towards Amenra but then sung cleanly. 'Sun Gone Missing' thus becomes an excellent musical piece. They also go to the softer side as in 'Aven'. Do not let yourself be misled. The song slowly builds up to a violent eruption in which the singing becomes pure screaming. The listener is drawn into their darkest thoughts in which all those emotions are fired at you. It closes with the 'Marble Grounds', which takes more than seven minutes, and which in the end turns into emotional and softer music in which a fragile vocal sound taking over. Who has been looking for the better post-rock album, here goes a lot of listening turns with being satisfied.

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