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Untervoid - Untervoid

Untervoid - Untervoid

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Kampen : I have said it very often and I will keep saying it. Atmosphere over technique. Whatever genre it is. When I read that the Polish Untervoid features two people with a history in bands like Hate, Crionics, Behemoth and Azarath, I already expected the worst. Way to overproduced and clinical fappery. Yep. This is the case. In a bit less than half an hour, Untervoid is able to bore me to death. What can I say? All the Polish black/death tricks pass by and what can I say. It is trite. The vocals are nothing more than a cheap Atilla Csihar ripoff.

Of course, all credits for the amazing musicianship but when that results in zero atmosphere in your album, you have been focusing too much on things that do not matter, like stuffing a song way too full. This is basically a black metal album for death metal fans. All in all, there is nothing left to say but this: The last track named 'Inner Shrine' does not fit on this album at all. After three technical black metal tracks, we are “treated” on, like..Well, what is it? Vague metal.

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