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Tribulation - Down Below

Tribulation - Down Below

Label : Century Media | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Kampen : I have to admit that it took quite a while for me to understand Tribulation. It is not like the music is super complex, but it simply did not land. Well, I can tell you: that has definitely changed. The pitch black goth rock/metal of this bunch is amazingly catchy and with the addition of former Deathstars drummer Oscar Leander, this catchiness is even enhanced.

About two months ago, Century Media shared the track 'The Lament' and I basically contacted boss Horst immediately. When a track has a passage that seems to have 'Tubular Bells' as an inspiration, you have my attention. In fact: This entire record reeks of 80s horror film worship and as some of you know, that makes me very, very happy. Still, I wonder what would have happened if Johannes would add some more clean vocal work next to his typical growl. I feel that this would really add dimension to the music. Who knows. Maybe next album. Whether you prefer the focus on goth rock ('The Lament') or the metal side of things ('Lacrimosa'); this album seems to have found the golden in between. Awesome. Very awesome.

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