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Void Ceremony - Foul Origins Of Humanity

Void Ceremony - Foul Origins Of Humanity

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Berto : Progressive death metal, where the emphasis is not on the amount of notes that are played, but more on the way the songs unfold. We are only dealing with three songs here, so keep paying attention otherwise you will have missed the good stuff. A lot of standard death metal riffing, similar to Morbid Angel in that area, but then also the songs have tempo changes and mood swings that put the listener on their toes. A lot of influence from bands such as Morbid Angel, but Incantation also plays a significant role. It all sounds a bit hectic, in a good way, like (there they are again) Morbid Angel in their good days. The distorted riffs that wind through the songs give it a very 'evil' atmosphere. A good warm-up for a complete album.

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