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Loathe / Holding Absence - This Is As One

Loathe / Holding Absence - This Is As One

Label : Sharp Tone Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Split cd

Berto : Loathe and Holding Absence are two British metalcore bands together on an EP, each with two songs. Soon they will both also be playing live at the Patronaat in Haarlem. The difference between the two bands is quite clear. Loathe is more experimental and this shows in the songs 'White Hot' and 'Servant & Master' that are leaning more towards djent-riffs and industrial influences in combination with melodic vocals and Holding Absence gets their influences more from hardcore and does not even avoid pop music. Both songs by Loathe are therefore more for the fans of breaks and heavy instrumentation and 'Saint Cecilia' and 'Everything' by Holding Absence are more for the cross-over thinking enthusiast. Loathe is more for the working man and Holding Absence for the dreamers.

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