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Afrockaine - Revival

Afrockaine - Revival

Label : STF Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In 2014 Afrockaine was ranked as the number one band on Algerian TV and radio. They filled venues of five hundred people and more and were very successful. Now they make a comeback on the German STF Records label with ‘Revival’.

And that’s quite a professional and entertaining album, although there are quite some ethnic influences. We hear that already at the beginning of ‘We’re Back’, just for a minute, because the song soon gets into proper vintage hard rock with fervent guitar solos and slightly funky flavour. Vocalist Younes has an agreeable and warm voice, really suitable to the songs. Influences of grunge and alternative rock are also present, for instance in ‘Revival’ which reminded me partly of Wild Cherry (‘Play That Funky Music Wild’) and Living Color. Firm mid-paced riffs and organ build up a fine vintage atmosphere in ‘Back To The Roots’, while any criticism on the system pops up in ‘Propaganda’. The drawling vocals and guitars in ‘By My Side’ are regaled with refreshing reggae beats, while the sensitive ‘Angel’ has more in common with Nickelback. Next they go ethnic all the way in the following songs, yet with classic hard rock as main ingredient. Some of the members live in Paris now and ‘Avancez’ is a fine illustration of that, followed by two older songs (alternative rock and pop) which are re-mastered.

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