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Letters From The Colony - Vignette

Letters From The Colony - Vignette

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : What an album cover, what a band and what a beast of an album! Letters from the Colony hails from Sweden and gives us a slice of their modern progressive metalcore cake on ‘Vignette’. Periphery meets Meshuggah meets All Shall Perish meets The Faceless meets Between the Buried and Me meets Gojira… all in one song! The five gentlemen have signed to Nuclear Blast, a massive win for the label (I can’t imagine how pissed Sumerian Records is right now) because ‘Vignette’ is a prime example of what modern metal can and should sound like.

Big, ripped open melodic passages take center stage in opener ‘Galax’, where non-standard chords progress over non-standard beats while still feeling familiar, after which we get treated to a beautiful fusion-like interlude (in the same fucking song!). The vocals and production value lather the album in a metalcore marinade, while the instrumentation is often times rooted in progressive stints of death metal, jazz and math rock. An ‘Erasing Contrast’ where Car Bomb, Periphery and The Faceless are seamlessly sewn together. A beautiful, instrumental interlude in the form of ‘This Creature Will Haunt us Forever’. An unstoppable force that is ‘Cataclysm’, where Gojira finds its match with Textures. Incredible stuff!

The band isn’t afraid to ditch melody in favor of aggression and sounding like a fucking sledgehammer pounding down a wall of sound, but when we do get some melody, it comes in unannounced and sudden, like in ‘Glass Palaces’, where the song sounds like it ends but then evolves into so much more. None of the pieces in this puzzle should fit, but they do so amazingly well. Do not miss on this album!

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