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Days Of Confusion - Yin & Out

Days Of Confusion - Yin & Out

Label : Universal Music Group | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : A modern take at a Karnivool-esque sound with influences from Twelve Foot Ninja, Tesseract and Hacktivist is what the Romanian lads from Days of Confusion put out on their latest release ‘Yin & Out’ (which was released back in March of 2017, but only now found its way to us). Metalcore at its core, it’s rather refreshing to hear a band in the genre not constantly trying to be heavy and technical. These dudes seem to rather build on their good vocal lines with a semi-melodic tone.

70 minutes of melodic metalcore, though… that’s a bit much. While many of the songs are pretty decently written and the production value is good for a record like this, much of the material feels lackluster because there’s just so much here – nothing really jumps out because there’s an abundance of songs that all kind of feel the same. And that’s another point: while the style the band is going for is clear from the start, they rarely deviate from their own formula – clean intros that dive into groovy main riffs into clean choruses; it’s all rather bland looking at it from a composition angle. If the band manages to focus their songs and maybe cut the fat, their next release might be incredibly promising.

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