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Fleddy Melculy - De Kerk Van Melculy

Fleddy Melculy - De Kerk Van Melculy

Label : Sony Music Entertainment | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Flemish metal and hardcore phenomenon Fleddy Melculy continue their conquest with 'De Kerk Van Melculy'. Their second album is even bigger and firmer than their debut, for no less than eighty-four minutes you got an excellent mix of hardcore, metalcore and thrash metal. The item will be released as a double album. On the one hand you get to hear twenty-two new songs. And as an extra you get a few remixed and bonus tracks and five live songs including a Hatebreed cover. The new material covers sixty minutes. Of course there are a lot of humoristic snacks in there, in which Fleddy focuses mainly on contemporary trends.

Just listen to the ‘Verplicht Akoestisch Intermezzo. The attempt to make an acoustic guitar piece is constantly disturbed by a smartphone that goes off during the recording and their mum who is yelling that diner is ready. A little further you get the associated ‘Verplicht Epic En Duister Intermezzo’. The illustrious music is accompanied by a female hobby cook who teaches the listener to make pancakes. There is 'Serge, De Robot' in which Serge the sex robot tells his story. Unlike many other bands that have a rough image, Fleddy has the guts to mock themselves. In 'Apu's Revenche' our favorite night shop manager brought his big brother to give Fleddy a beating. So much for the short jokes, but what about the rest of the album?

Musically, the songs are worked out even better than on their debut album. Opener 'Kerk' turns out to be a song in which Fleddy describes his frustrations about the mandatory church visits in his youth. This is told in an excellent way whereby all the rage and emotions are shouted out during the chorus. I got a serious uppercut of self-reflection and together with me I guess thousands of Flemish and Dutch people who will experience the same bitter obligatory church visits from years ago. The success of Fleddy started with his 'T-Shirt Van Metallica'. In 'Camouflage' the tough carriers of mostly a few sizes of overweight camouflage jackets are scrutinized. The current generation of young social media addicts don’t escape either. 'Foto Van Uw Hoofd' makes minced meat from all selfie addicts. Another one is 'Varken', where after a hard week of working, all brakes are going loose during the weekend. Even if you hate this song, you will not get the chorus out of your head. The more melodic work is heard in '668'. For this frankly sublime track about the neighbor of the devil, fellow countrymen of King Hiss come along. Even the famous Belgian comedian Urbanus has a guest appearance in 'Het Gat Dat Niet Groot Genoeg Was'.

Describing each song on this album would give a review of each page long. But be sure, you will not hear better humor. Do not think now that Fleddy goes out in the corny direction or could be called just a stupid joke band. For that the music is of too high quality and the lyric compositions of vocalist Jeroen Camerlynck are written too subtle. I know what to do now. To get officially baptized at the church of Fleddy.

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