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Cynabare Urne - In The Cremation Ground

Cynabare Urne - In The Cremation Ground

Label : Regain Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : I’m a sucker for a good EP. Three, four, maybe five strong tracks and done. A good EP can be like a punch to the face. BAM. And when done right, an EP will give you a decent impression of what the band is capable of.

As does this mini by Finnish duo Cynabare Urne. The four tracks give you a very good idea of the band’s style and DNA and after the (a bit above) fifteen minutes of playing time, the only thing you want is more of this! So, what is on offer on ‘In The Cremation Ground’? Oldschool Finnish death, with a big punch of crushing doom/death. Heavy, dark, rough, raw, bleak and cold – and yet at the same time rather “catchy”, in a strange way. Well, not really catchy, as that may conjure up something a bit more frivolous. No, perhaps the word is compelling. Convinving. Pure. I dig this EP! ‘In The Cremation Ground’ will be out on CL, LP and digital

Oh, right, quickly back to that “more of this” bit: there is some good and some bad news. The good news: yes, there is a bit more where this came from, the gents have an earlier release up their sleeve, ‘Fire The Torch’, which you can check out at the Cynabare Urne bandcamp page. The bad news: the hard copy version of that release (on cassette) has already sold out.

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