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Project Pain - Brothers In Blood

Project Pain - Brothers In Blood

Label : FA Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ’I Have Sinned’ en ’Thrashed To Kill’ Dutch thrashers Project Pain had already released two decent albums. The by (later/more modern) Slayer, Exodus, Death Angel and the likes influenced thrash that the band delivered may not have been something original or innovative, but the gentlemen did convince with their tightness, good songwriting and the music’s aggressive vibe. On their third long player, ‘Brothers In Blood’, the men continue on the same path. They do however come with a more modern and a more technical approach. Alas that has quite affected the spontaneity in a negative way. Even though the material is in good shape technically and the musicianship is excellent, the whole – and especially the vocals – sound rather uninspired. The songs just don’t get going, hardly have any impact and have difficulty getting you focused. Even after multiple spins the song don’t make a lasting impression and start to bore frequently. All in all ‘Brothers In Blood’ is definitely not a bad album, but sadly it isn’t really convincing either.

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