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Malum - Night Of The Luciferian Light

Malum - Night Of The Luciferian Light

Label : Regain Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Malum is a Finnish black metal band that are expanding their career steadily since 2013. They released an EP or a split each year since the beginning and after their album 'Crowned With The Serpent Sun' from 2015, it is now time for their second album 'Night Of The Luciferian Light'. This is especially mid paced black metal in the vein of other typical Finnish black metal bands, but more melodic than Horna and less raw than Sargeist. Singer Tyrant, also vocalist in Kalmankantaja, screeches his way through this melodic black mash and does so convincingly. The production on ‘Night Of The Luciferian Light' is excellent with an honorable mention for the drums: long time since double bass drums sounded so good. Disadvantage is that not every purist will appreciate this clean sound. Highlights include 'Perdition' with its catchy leads, 'Awakening Of The Black Flame' with its Luciferian chants and the lingering title track 'Night Of The Luciferian Light.' Hex Inferi, current bassist of Horna, did the mixing and mastering, and the stunning artwork was created by Roni Ärling, who already did artwork for Anal Blasphemy, Gorephilia and Lord Of Pagathorn. Nothing new to be found here, but executed very well.

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