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Greber - Cemetery Presto

Greber - Cemetery Presto

Label : Pink Lemonade | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Vicious and malicious sludge, a subgenre which is about to cave in under its own weight. The two gentlemen making up the numbers in Greber operate within that genre. They tick all the required boxes and right from the offset of opener ‘Backhanded Interest’ they go for the knock-out punch. A fist in your face. This unrelenting violence continues for the entire duration of the album, nowhere do they give the listener a chance to breathe. After the last tones of ‘The Closer We Got’ you’ll have been beaten into a pulp. Nothing new about it, but it is extremely effective. Think of a sort of mix of Primitive Man, eyehategod, Grief, Hell. This goes down well from time to time.

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