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Delta Deep - East Coast Live

Delta Deep - East Coast Live

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : When ex-Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, Rob DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Forrest Robinson of TLC and former background vocalist of Michael Buble and Luther Vandross, Debbie Blackwell- Cook are starting a band together, one expects something like the so-called “superband” situations, with huge expectations. Despite the well-known names in the band, I didn’t know the band’s material yet. Being pretty much into the better live stuff, and familiar with the reputation of Phil Collen as musician and his love for the blues in particular, this should be promising. Also the soulful vocals by Blackwell-Cook who can shine in the full spotlights this time, could be an asset, but all available qualities cannot fulfil the high expectations. The rock-orientated foundation in this blues can certainly add value to the overall concept in the eyes of listeners preferring more rock-based blues, but to be honest, for example the Led Zeppelin cover ‘Black Dog’ is not much better than the version by the local cover band Vet Zeppelin, from my hometown. This is the same with ‘Mistreated’ (Deep Purple); a daring attempt of full exposure, but not always that well succeeded, especially concerning the times. Actually this goes for the whole album, including the live versions of their own songs; I simply had expected much more. Don’t get me wrong; this not a bad album at all. It’s actually a pretty good one, but with musicians like the ones in this band, one can have expectations in the line of material brought by Black Country Communion or Chickenfoot; and that’s where this album can easily be seen as slightly disappointing.

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