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Alwaid - The Machine And The Beast

Alwaid - The Machine And The Beast

Label : Valkyrie Rising | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : I had never heard of the French act Alwaid. The album 'The Machine And The Beast' however has already been released in France on March 10, 2017, but is now also brought to the attention here. The band plays female fronted metal. There are countless other bands in this genre. Fortunately, this Alwaid is not such of the very sweet kind. In general, the music is quite heavy and singer Marie has a very nice voice. Fortunately, she is not such a squeaky soprano (you know what I mean), but she has a strong voice with a good range.

After the intro 'Amphisbaena' is served. This does sound hopeful. The song has speed, good melodies and grunts for variety and aggression. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is less interesting. It never gets really bad or weak, but the mentioned songs is considerably better than the rest of the album. In terms of sound you could compare the band with Beautiful Sin and Amberian Dawn. It is all more than nice, and especially the mentioned song is really good. On the second half of the album, however, the level really drops and it is all a bit good and sweet and I do not like my metal. Too bad, because the first part was more than nice. These are the first steps of this band outside of France. Not all songs are equally strong, but it is certainly not an unpleasant acquaintance.

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