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Accuser - The Mastery

Accuser - The Mastery

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With the sound and style they introduced on their eight album, ‘The Mastery’ the gentlemen continue the trend of the previous records. The material is even faster, more aggressive and more extreme than the previous works and the gentlemen have stepped furth’Dependent Domination’ (2011), German veterans Accuser seem to have found their drive. Having released a number of average, yet definitely respectable albums in the late 80s and early 90s the band took a boring groove turn, but from the aforementioned album on the focus has again been more on (modern) thrash and the music has been taking a more extreme form.

On er away from that groove-crap. Although those influences are still audible, the emphasis is mainly on thrash and on aggression, which I personally find very pleasant. The gentlemen deliver good, catchy riffs and fitting aggressive vocals, and manage well in general to keep the head going up and down. I do however miss the real highlights here. The songs lack recognizability and therefore don’t make a lasting impression. Also, despite the presence of the necessary variety and the fact that the aggression and the intensity remains intact, I find it hard to stay focused for long. Or is that maybe because the whole thing is indeed a bit too modern for my taste? But anyway, qualitatively everything about this record is in place. All in all ‘The Mastery’ is a tastefully energetic album, and a good album of its kind that will definitely apply to fans of modern thrash and of bands such as Lamb Of God, Dew-Scented, HateSphere, Carnal Forge, Chimaira and co.

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